SINOBRAS also invests in the qualification of its work teams, that’s why performed 190,000 hours of training in 2013. The valorization of local work force is also prioritized by the company, with 90%  of hiring employees last year from the very State of Pará where it is installed.

The company also encourages its employees to make Technicians Courses, Degrees, MBA Specializations and through subsidies and partnerships with education institutions.

Security Policy

To SINOBRAS, safe work is above any purpose of the organization. Accident prevention is a mutual commitment of the company and its employees. To sensitize its employees and maintain the security, the Group carries out various activities in their companies, such as:

 DSD - Daily Security Dialogue

Conversations held five minutes before the start of team activities, which address topics targeted safety, prevention and wellness inside and outside the work environment. In addition to integrating the DSS strengthens the relationship between the manager and his team.


SIPAT – Semana interna de Prevenção a Acidentes de Trabalho- IWLAP - Internal Week of Labor Accident Prevention

It is always held in the month of September and involves all employees of companies with various settings, including lectures with expert health and safety and other awareness about good nutrition, physical activity, and health care in general.

 GVS – Grupo de Vigilância de Segurança - GSS - Group Surveillance Security

The Monitoring Group Security is one of the Health and Safety SINOBRAS System tools - S4, aims to motivate employees to care for themselves and others, alerting whenever possible, about the risk of accidents and warn attitudes nonstandard. To measure the activities of groups a scavenger hunt was created with varied score and monthly income.

Employment and Income Generation

Currently, generated 1,284 direct jobs and 30,174 indirect jobs.

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