The Siderúrgica Norte Brasil S.A - SINOBRAS is the first integrated steel plant of long steel for construction of the North and Northeast and went ahead in the process of vertical iron ore in Pará.

Producing steel since May 2008, the company is located in the city of Marabá, Pará, in the southeast of the state, and is integrated into the Aço Cearense Group. It has a product line that includes rebar, wire rod and drawn and now reaches across the country with the product distribution geared entirely to the Brazilian market.

Modern, SINOBRAS brought not only new opportunities, but moved the Brazilian market to generate income and taxes, which contributed to a change of reality in the region where it is installed. With an investment of over $ 400 million to its implementation, SINOBRAS is already part of the group of large domestic steel to integrate the Brazil Steel Institute (Instituto Aço Brasil) - IABr, a organization that brings together the country's steel industry.






Producing steel sustainably with high performance of their processes and distinguished service to the market, aiming to add value for customers, employees, shareholders and society.


Being recognized as the best company in the production and marketing of steel for construction.


Sustainably development. - We maintain our commitment to environmental preservation, aligned to economic development and social responsibility;


Safety at work. - Ensure the implementation of our Security Policy effectively;


Customer satisfaction. We seek to exceed the expectations of our customers adapting solutions to each profile solutions and anticipating needs;


Competitiveness and profitability. Strive to be competitive and profitable with high performance teams and updated technology;


Talented team, committed and accomplished. The greatest value of the company is our team, who do not hesitate in the face of challenges. We seek an environment where our employees can always develop themselves personally and professionally;


Respect and transparency. We demand in our workplace that every individual is treated in a respectful manner, and that the quality of work relationships bring benefits to the organizational climate of the Company. A culture of transparency is established in all processes and relationships, whether with our employees, suppliers, customers, government agencies and the community in general;


Faith in God. It’s a value we believe that he is ahead of our daily routine, leading us to build a better life for all.



SINOBRAS committed to developing its activities having as basic pillars sustainability, continuous improvement and compliance with legal requirements, ensuring profitability to shareholders, relying on the following principles:


Insurance work is beyond objective of the organization. Accident prevention is a mutual commitment of the company and its employees;


Manage strategic and preventive way the environmental aspects and impacts of its activities while preserving the environment;


Ensure compliance with excellence and quality of its products and processes exceeding the expectations of its customers;


Develop the human, technical and managerial capacity of its staff and its contractors, attracting and retaining talent and contributing to the development of the communities where it operates.



Industrial district of Marabá – state of Pará- Brazil



First Integrated Steel of North and Northeast region of Brazil. Integrated undertaking on Aço Cearense Group.



Blast furnace: production of pig iron;

Steelmaking: production of steel billets; 

Lamination: manufacturing of rolled steel (rebar and wire rod);

Wire drawing: manufacture of derivatives of wire rod (steel wire for construction SI 60, flat for industry wires, annealed wires for construction, trusses, welding screens and more ).




Being environmentally friendly, economically viable, socially just and culturally acceptable. These are some of the goals of the work done by SINOBRAS. Thus, the Steel maintains SINOBRAS FLORESTAL, in the state of Tocantins, which changed the reality of the local community. The basis of reforestation already fully meets the project of self-sustainability SINOBRAS in steel production.

The initiative recognized the Steel, for seven consecutive years, the title of largest
reforest of Tocantins State, the Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply of Tocantins - SEAGRO / TOCANTINS.



Aggregate to their values, in which sustainable development and respect for the man are firstly SINOBRAS began implementation of its unity Reducing Bioenergy Production - UPR.

The first battery of eight rectangular kilns SINOBRAS of the UPR has been completed. Initially eight furnaces are in the Santa Lucia, in the municipality of São Bento do Tocantins (TO).

With reducer bioenergy benefited own forest drive the company become real the self-sustainability plan, as required for steel production plant in a responsible manner.


SI 50, the Brazil Steel - The SINOBRAS rebar is in buildings on north and south of the country.

In accordance with the legislation governing the production process and product quality, SINOBRAS has operating granted by the Secretary of State for the Environment (SEMA-PA), license their products evaluated by Bureau Veritas Certification - BV, one of the most highly sector bodies and global leader in certification and accredited by the National Institute of Metrology, Standardization and Industrial Quality - INMETRO.

PARTNERSHIP - Ratifying further SINOBRAS quality of products, the Ministry of Cities, through its Brazilian Program of Quality and Productivity (PBQP), entered the company in the group qualified to meet housing programs of the Federal Government producers. Associated with the Brazil Steel Institute - IABr, SINOBRAS participates in the actions and decision-making in the market.

QUALITY - The SINOBRAS products are manufactured with the highest technology available in the world, meeting all the requirements of the Brazilian ABNT NBR 7480/2007.