Sinobras Florestal

Sustentabilidade SinobrasSustainable development is a hallmark of SINOBRAS, so Aço Cearense Group created SINOBRAS Florestal - A forest-based bioenergy that provides for reducing SINOBRAS, through its Production Unit Reducer. Installed since 2006 in the state of Tocantins, SINOBRAS Florestal aims to supply Northern Brazil Steel SA - SINOBRAS, steel production plant of the Group, in Maraba.

There are 15 reforestation farms of eucalyptus in an area of 25.100 hectares, 9.100 of which are of legal reserve. For its work focused on the planting of eucalyptus and the responsible environmental tract, the company has the title of the largest reforestation of the state of Tocantins, granted by the Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply of Tocantins – (Secretaria de Agricultura, Pecuária e Abastecimento de Tocantins-  SEAGRO / TO)


Social contribution

Social contribution is part of the positioning of SINOBRAS Florestal changing reality and the continuous improvement of the lives of people who work in its Reforestation Program. In times of planting, farms generate about 169 direct and 1,000 indirect jobs, contributing to the socio-economic growth of the region.

Besides creating jobs, the steel is compromised and sensitive when dealing with the industry, so SINOBRAS participates in the project of hiring workers rescued by the Ministry of Labor and Employment (Ministério do Trabalho e Emprego – MTE)  in treatment similar to that of slavery.


Actions taken by the Reforestation Program:

Prior to each new crop, SINOBRAS meets several demands made by environmental agencies, and other legal procedures. see:

- Environmental Impact Assessment

- Environmental Impact Report

- Authorization for Alternative Land Use

- Preliminary License

- Authorization of Forestry

 - Certificate of Good Standing Forestry

- Operating Licenses

- Authorization Controlled Burn


Self-sustainability: a reality

Producing bioredutor with environmental responsibility is one of the guidelines of SINOBRAS Florestal. Therefore, the company installed, in the municipality of São Bento de Tocantins (TO), two Units of Production of Bioenergetic Reducer - UPR. The first battery of 24 rectangular ovens equipped with smoke burners, installed in the Santa Lucia farm, and the second battery of 22 ovens, installed in the São Martinho farm, produce charcoal that is used by SINOBRAS in Marabá.


SINOBRAS Florestal in numbers

Production: 750 tons / month;

Jobs created: 500 direct jobs and 1,000 indirect (at planting time);

Forest Base: 13 own farms.